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Monday, 27 February 2012


Greetings to all
new friends and old 

twisted tree
of stunted growth
perchance your roots
did delve too far
what strange waters
did they reach
in search of knowledge
dark and deep ?


what sight mine
or sense did keep
such cloven tongue
and madness deep ?


for the fool that claims
to envy me
lives , and breathes


and of my word
you seek to profit
knowing neither truth , nor lie
and so , what of it ?

May your Gods
Whoever they may be
Walk beside you always 

All Poetry © D W Storer 2011/2012/2013/2014
All Artwork © S Storer 2011/2012/2013/2014

Thursday, 16 February 2012


Greetings to all, 
new friends and old
An extract from 'The Recusant Who Never Recanted' 

The Tower

All above is darkness
No star here ever seen 
No path but that which leads below
Onwards , downwards
Endless stair
Choked by those who wait
Silent , and immobile 

       The Child has found himself atop a tower . 'Tis cold enough for frost to have formed on its surfaces , and the air has a leaden quality to it that is strangely familiar . Above , the sky is devoid of even the merest hint of a star and the darkness seems infectious . Nothing can be seen , no matter where he turns his head , excepting within his immediate vicinity for the very stones of which the tower be constructed from exude a faint grey light which is reminiscent of a fog . 
      Peering out over the edge of the tower offers no clues as to his location , for though it can be seen that his perch be of some considerable height no more than that can be surmised under such conditions . The boy , however , loses interest in the question of where he is and replaces it with the newer , more pressing , one of how will he depart ?  And herein begins his nightmare , if that indeed be what it is , for he has noticed a square hole in the floor down from which stairs descend . 'Tis not this discovery that ails him so , rather 'tis the sight of what awaits him there .

My world
'Tis best viewed from afar 
Beyond its shadowed vales
If light dared from but a single star
'Twould reveal our Souls
So pale

May your Gods , whoever they may be ,
Walk beside you always

D W Storer